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The OSBIDE activity feed is very analogous to Facebook's activity feed. The activity feed presents a constantly updating list of programming activities being performed by you and other classmates that you follow. By default, the activity feed will show up in the same area as the main solution explorer, often on the right- or left-hand side of the screen.


You can post comments and/or questions to the activity feed using the text box at the top of the feed. These comments will be made visible to the class. Sometimes, you may want to filter the activity feed based on the type of post. This can be done by clicking on the "Filter Options" button. This allows you to filter by event type (e.g feed comment) or by build error type. Filtering by build error type may be beneficial when attempting to debug your programming assignments.


The activity feed is comprised of individual feed items. Each item contains a summary statement, along with options to view comments and a details page.


Clicking the "Details" link brings up the feed item details page.


The details page provides a more in-depth view of a give feed item. In the example above, we see the entire question along with all comments. Remember to reward good comments by marking them as helpful. If you find a particular activity item interesting and want to receive updates when new comments are made, you may click the "follow this post" link near the top of the page. Viewing the details page on a build event allows you to view the user's compilation history:


Clicking "View Compilation History" brings up the compilation history subpage.


The compilation history subpage allows you to step through a given user's build process. It identifies changes made between each build, thus illuminating the steps taken to fix the bug. Note that these same steps might be helpful when you encounter a similar error.

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