Updates for January 27, 2014

Two new features were recently introduced into OSBIDE:

Log Out Button

The OSBIDE Visual Studio plugin now contains a logout button in the login control login.png.
Clikcing "Log out" will log your current instance out of OSBIDE. While logged out, you will not be able to access any OSBIDE features from within the IDE. Note that being logged out is specific to a single instance of Visual Studio (you will need to log out for each Visual Studio instance) and you will automatically be logged back into OSBIDE when you next start Visual Studio.

New Filter Options

The activity feed now contains two new filtering methods:
The "Filter by Course" option will only show posts from a specific course and the "Filter by User Type" will only show posts made by users of that level or above. For example, filtering by "Student" will show all posts made by students, TAs, and instructors. On the other hand, filtering by "Assistants" will only show posts made by TAs and instructors.

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