Submitting an Assignment Using OSBIDE

This tutorial demonstrates how to submit an assignment using OSBIDE. Before you submit an assignment, please be sure that you have an active solution open inside of Visual Studio:


With a solution open, navigate to the "tools" menu option and select "Submit Assignment".

submit assignment.png

This will open the submit assignment window. From here, select the specific course and assignment that relates to your currently open project. Note that if your cannot find your course from the course dropdown, you will need to add your course by clicking on the blue "Course" hyperlink. Alternatively, you may visit the OSBIDE course add page. For more information on adding a course, see the course search documentation page.


Next, click the submit button at the bottom of the window. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation message and a confirmation number. Please write down the confirmation number to keep for your records.



If you do not see the "Submit Assignment" menu option, it is likely that OSBIDE is either disabled or not installed. Please download OSBIDE from the appropriate link on this site.

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