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Basic OSBIDE Usage

When installed, OSBIDE exposes the OSBIDE toolbar inside of Visual Studio. On most systems, the OSBIDE toolbar will appear underneath the main menu options near the right-side of the screen:


If the OSBIDE toolbar did not automatically appear, it can be opened manually by right-clicking on empty space in the toolbar area and selecting "OSBIDE Toolbar."


From left to right, the toolbar actions are: log in, activity feed, profile, help, and web browser.


Log in Action

Clicking the "log in" button brings up the same login window found underneath the "Tools" menu. When you are logged into OSBIDE, the background changes from inactive basic4.png to active (yellow background) basic5.png. As long as you are logged into OSBIDE, you have access to the other OSBIDE components.

Activity Feed Action

Information about the activity feed is on its own Activity Feed page.

Profile Action

Information about user profiles is on its own User Profile page.

Help Action

Clicking on the help button will bring up the OSBIDE documentation.

Web Browser Action

Some users may prefer to view OSBIE in a web browser as opposed to within Visual Studio. To open OSBIDE for the web, click the web browser icon. This will launch OSBIDE in your default web browser.

Other actions

In addition to the toolbar actions, OSBIDE also exposes an Ask for Help feature as well as an Error Search feature.

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